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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Values to Children

Values? What Values?

Value Are Really Not Too Many
  • Human beliefs or value structure is all about conviction for the basic or fundamental truths or values. The thinking, decisions and actions of an individual are directed by the degree of conviction for the values.
  • The values are not too many. They are just about 10 or 12 fundamental principles of life which have stood the test over thousands of years of human existence.
  • Some of these are: truthfulness, kindness, respect for everyone, generosity, integrity.
  • While being truthful in every circumstance is the principle, people interpret it severally and act accordingly. As per their convenience, they tell lies or speak truth.
  • As for being respectful is concerned, though the fundamental principle means respecting every one, many people choose to respect the ones in authority or the rich guys or the people older than them, or only men and not women or there is race bias or religion bias or language bias. It's true.


  • These days many people argue that the sure-shot way to succeed in life is by telling lies or cheating or exploiting others etc.
  • They quote many examples of very well known and so called famous (or is it notorious?) people who have climbed the ladder of prosperity, name and fame by not necessarily following the value. Many times they have achieved the so called success by in fact flouting the value structure.
  • So, as per them, this principle of truthfulness, not cheating any one etc is all bogus, it just can't work in the modern-day life.

Confusion Sorted Out for You

  • I ask these confused people whether would they like to teach their own children to tell lies, cheat others or kill others for achieving success in life?
  • I ask them as to why then were they wasting their children's life by teaching them to follow a principled path? Why should not they train their children in telling lies effectively or cheating effectively from right now on?
  • Does any one have courage to do so? Or would any one like to do it to their own children? Then the truth dawns on these people, they feel a bit jolted and in one voice, I hear a strong "no".

Principled Path Is Always Better

  • Both the paths, the principled path and the un-principled path may get you name, fame, money and so called success but the two paths are parallel, they don't meet any where.
  • Also, un-principled path may, many times, lead you to degradation, shame, stress, legal courts, jail etc.
  • There have been several news items on television, news papers and other media, recently and in the past, about the falsification done by many highly respected and reputed organizations and people from industry, business, politics, religion etc. Once they were caught doing that, many of the organizations had to shut their shutters for ever and many so called, well placed, celebrities had to commit suicide or they died of shock of being caught doing wrong things or they were jittered openly and few of them still manage to pretend to live a high brow life (shamelessly).
  • Yet, though being hazily aware of what I have described so far, over a period of time, people start pursuing the principles or the values in their own way. They fall some where in the range of absolute followers to zero followers of different values. They act accordingly and get the results of their actions in line with the actions.
  • Principled person does not have to waste his efforts in guarding himself off the possible wrong consequences of the actions that an un-principled person is most often likely to embrace.
  • Therefore, principled person seems lot more effective than an un-principled person.
Parents Have to Set Example by Adopting Values
  • This discussion brings us to one single conclusion that if you wish that your children should grow as value based or principled human adults, you have to give them an environment of right values at home being the parents.
  • Parents have very powerful influence on their children in their formative years of life. For children, parents are the center of the world through whom they see and understand every thing else. That puts lots of responsibility on the parents.
  • So, if the parents want their children to adopt the right values in their behavior, the parents have to adopt those values in their behavior too.
  • If you want that the child should not cheat, you as parents will have to behave the same way- not cheat any one. Then, that makes sense to the child.
  • And so on for other eight or ten more values.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

To Love Your Child, Love Each Other

You Have No Escape From Loving Each Other

A child wants wholesome love from both the parents for growing into a normal adult and human being. He wants love from his father. He wants love from his mother. He wants love from them together as a parental unit or a parental entity. He wants love in home.

If his parents do not love each other, the child will never be able to get a sense of living in a complete home. Something is missing somewhere, in home, for him. He will never be able to sense love from them together as a parental entity. For him, love from parents as one single unified entity is missing. He will never grow normally.

When husband and wife love each other, it produces a kind of synergistic love in home and that the child enjoys, it is very healthy for him. That is many times more than when only mother showers her love on him or only father showers his love on him in their separate ways.

So, there is no escape from loving each other since you already love your child so much. Love each other Mr husband and Mrs wife, you don't lose anything in love. Love does not need financing. Then love only multiplies.